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Consultancy and interim management assignments undertaken include:

For a logistics services provider:

  • Transport savings of £600k per annum through reduced driver hours and kilometres via delivery schedule optimisation using Paragon routing and scheduling software
  • Drivers' hours savings of £500k per annum through improved restaurant delivery methodology, with supporting training DVD

WarehouseFor a fast growing soft drinks manufacturer:

  • Cost per case savings of 13.5%, year on year, and a first year saving of £800k as a result of production efficiencies, inventory reduction and logistics savings, following the introduction of a new production planning system
  • Feasibility study and layout for a new automated high bay warehouse

For a manufacturer of premium quality biscuits:

  • Strategic review leading to the specification and design of a new Distribution Centre
  • Specification, selection and implementation of a new warehouse management system
  • Operating cost savings of 10% per annum

For a national brewery:

  • Design and implementation of a new incentivised wage scheme for drivers and warehouse staff Headcount reduction of 30%
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