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In today's competitive marketplace an efficient and effective supply chain is key to business success. Competitive pressure and increasing demands from customers are focusing companies to deliver more and more value from the supply chain.

Logistix Consulting can help unlock supply chain benefits for you either in a consultancy or interim capacity.

Business AnalysisTo achieve this we:

  • provide a personalised approach, specific to client requirements
  • work closely with the client's team to ensure buy-in
  • produce sustainable solutions for the client

So what is the difference between consultancy and interim management?

Consultants advise and make recommendations to clients, facilitating as required, and often make use of standard templates and models. Logistix Consulting understands this methodology has its merits, but our approach is more tailored to an individualised solution to meet particular client requirements.

Interim Executives generally have greater line management responsibility with a hands-on approach. Working closely as part of the client team, they will design as well as implement to achieve the required objectives.

Depending on the assignment, Logistix Consulting can provide a tailored consultancy or interim management service to suit your individual requirements.

Examples of Logistix Consulting client successes include:

  • Transport delivery optimisation savings of £600k pa, through reduced driver hours and kilometres , with Paragon
  • Drivers' hours saving of £500k pa through improved delivery methodology at restaurant
  • Proof of concept test of an initiative to improve restaurant inventory control by optimising stockroom areas and customising delivery frequency, based on restaurant volumes and optimised storage capacity. System savings benefit of £700k pa.
  • Identification and introduction of a new production planning system saving £800k in the first year in production efficiency, reduced inventory and logistics costs
  • Typical 10 to 15% reduction in overhead spend
  • Establishing customer-focused service and quality ethics to get it right first time, every time

Supply chain and logistics consultancy
End-to-end support

From time to time, and for a variety of reasons, many businesses require the skills of a consultant to help with a particular problem.

Consultants from larger consultancies can be expensive and may not be fully skilled in your type of business. On the other hand, independent consultants tend to have specific sector or industry experience based on many years of combining functional expertise in senior management roles with a high skill set.

Logistix Consulting aims to provide affordable consultancy with practical skills and experience gained in manufacturing and logistics businesses.

Interim management
Temporary resource... but long term benefit

Technical Business DiscussionIncreasingly businesses are making use of interim executives, operating at or near board level, on a temporary basis to assist with planned or unscheduled change.

Logistix Consulting can fill that short term gap by providing a highly motivated, hands-on, flexible, results-focused resource to work as a key part of the client's team.

Rob Johnstone has specific interim executive experience including:

  • Turnaround of a failed warehouse management system implementation
  • Identification and introduction of a new production planning system
  • Operational cost reduction
  • Project management methodology, process and implementation
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